This page serves to outline the important policies and guidelines of the Dartmouth yearbook.  The Aegis is an entirely student-run club that produces a 400-plus page publication each year.  The Aegis endeavors to include every senior and to represent the most diverse array of campus events and organizations possible.  However, the club is limited by the resources and availability of busy college students.  If anything below is unclear, please reach out to the.aegis@dartmouth.edu.


We can only guarantee communications through the Dartmouth campus-events listserv.  Every Dartmouth student should be automatically enrolled to receive these emails, but if a student does not receive them, they can reach out to the.aegis@dartmouth.edu or refer to this website for up-to-date information.  When possible, communications about yearbook orders and senior portraits will be sent to students’ home addresses or published on other Dartmouth webpages.

Yearbook name policy

As an external-facing publication, The Aegis uses students’ legal names on any correspondence.  On September 1st of each academic year, the legal names of all graduating seniors are pulled from the college database, and this is how all names will appear in the yearbook.  If a student does not go by their legal name, there are two options to change how their name will be printed.  First, each student will have a chance to physically correct the spelling of their name during their senior portrait session.  Otherwise, a student must contact the.aegis@dartmouth.edu by the last day of spring classes in the year of their intended graduation.

Events included in the yearbook

Only events that occur between the first day of summer classes the year before and the day of Commencement can be included in that year’s book.  For example, the 2022-23 yearbook will cover events from 22X until 23S.  Other events may be included at the editor’s discretion.  The Aegis staff do their absolute best to include everything that involves the graduating class in their book.  Not all organizations, club sports, and events will be included in the yearbook, but we may provide a chance to name your involvements in your senior blurb.

Graduating class ‘Not Pictured’ page

The only way to guarantee a portrait in the book is to take a senior portrait through Lauren Studios.  If a student does not take a senior portrait through the official portrait company, they will likely be listed on the ‘Not Pictured’ page.  The name printed will be their legal name as of September 1st of their senior year, unless the student has followed one of the processes outlined under Yearbook name policy.

The only way to guarantee being listed in the book is to take a senior portrait through Lauren Studios or to fill out the senior blurb form by the last day of classes in the spring prior to graduation.  If a student is graduating with a different D-plan than they started with, and they are concerned about which yearbook they will be represented in, they can reach out to the.aegis@dartmouth.edu.

Purchasing multiple copies

If a family purchases multiple copies of the yearbook by accident, there are no refunds or exchanges for future copies.

Condition of shipped books

If a yearbook arrives to the home address provided damaged, we will provide a replacement as long as we receive photos of the issue that occurred.

Refused shipping addresses

If you provide an incorrect address or delivery of your book is refused and returned to campus, The Aegis staff will try their best to reach out and reschedule delivery, however this cannot be guaranteed due to the time-consuming nature of such communications.  We recommend reaching out to Jostens to track your order, but you may also email The Aegis staff to check if your yearbook has been returned to campus.

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